Lifesaver Lime


Fruity scent with hints of citrus. This scent is a very refreshing “wake you up” scent! Some describe it as margaritas or lifesaver candy!

Whipped Body Butter Soap! Moisturizing and a gentle cleanser can be used on all bodies and faces. Smell wonderful and look pretty too! Each 8 oz container can be used for 30 to 40 baths or showers. It’s also perfect for shaving all intimate areas as well as other body parts, so it may also be used as a shaving cream for men or women. The coconut oil and apricot oil eliminates razor burn. These come in an 8oz container with a medium-size loofah, and a small spoon. Very little goes a long way, as it’s VERY lathering!!! Available in many different scents.

More scents are available on special requests!

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